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Get a Pristine Environment With the Help of a Construction Cleanup Professional

Keeping your home or business spaces sparkling clean can be easy and highly affordable with the professional help of a cleaning expert! If you are hoping to make use of exceptional cleaning services for your commercial or residential property in Olympia, WA, you must consider calling Reyna's Deep Cleaning Express! I gladly take over many different cleaning jobs, from construction cleanup to regular hospital cleaning. Continue reading for further information!

My Services

Residential and Airbnb Cleaning

I can handle all the cleaning chores of residential properties of all kinds, including those that receive guests constantly, like Airbnbs. With my home deep cleaning solutions, I can professionally address different surfaces, from floors to furniture, to effectively remove dirt and provide you with fresh environments.
Residential and Airbnb Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial properties, because of their constant foot traffic, can get dirty in an instant and accumulate lots of grime on floors, bathrooms, offices, and furniture in general. You can say goodbye to filth with my reliable help! My commercial cleaning services deliver spotless results without complications.

Move-Out and Post-Construction Cleaning

Whether you are leaving an old home or arriving at a freshly built building, you should not carry the cleaning workload by yourself. With my post construction cleaning service and my move-out cleaning solutions, you can get impeccable spaces without investing all your energy and time in them.
Move-Out and Post-Construction Cleaning
Bank, Clinic, and Hospital Cleaning

Bank, Clinic, and Hospital Cleaning

Banks, clinics, hospitals, and other similar premises have delicate cleaning needs that can only be addressed by a professional. I am more than ready to help you disinfect and refresh the environments of places where dirt cannot accumulate no matter what. My excellent results won’t disappoint you!

Ware Cleanup

I do not only clean up surfaces! I am also trained to wash and disinfect different types of wares, no matter if they are stored in your business or used regularly in your restaurant or clinic. I will make sure to carefully wipe or wash each product or utensil with the utmost care. I promise pristine results!
Ware Cleanup

Why Hire a Cleaning Expert

Residential CleaningHiring a cleaning expert is imperative if you don’t appreciate dirty spaces but don’t want to invest valuable hours of your time doing tiresome chores. With professional cleaning solutions, you can sit back and relax in completely fresh and welcoming environments and breathe clean air without moving a finger. Plus, you can boost the hygiene of your rooms and care for your health!

Ensuring Impeccable Spaces

I have organized and efficient cleaning processes that allow me to deliver spotless results in all kinds of properties! When I take on, for example, an apartment move-out cleaning job, I make sure to get to know the characteristics of the place to effectively remove all trash and dirt without interfering with your moving process. I adapt my techniques and cleaning plans according to each home or business, and I use high-quality cleaning products, exclusively.

The Areas I Can Serve

I fully trust the quality of my reliable commercial and residential cleaning solutions! Therefore, I am confident that they can help many customers in and outside Olympia, WA. I am happy to serve all my valued customers in the following adjoining regions:

  • Tanglewilde, WA
  • Elk Plain, WA
  • Fort Lewis, WA
  • DuPont, WA
  • Yelm, WA

If you are interested in relying on me to be your go-to cleaner and take over the cleaning responsibilities of your home or business, be sure to ask for an appointment by phone! Reyna's Deep Cleaning Express is eager to hear from you! Give me a call today!

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Residential Cleaning
Client Testimonials

by Clifton V. Puleo on Reyna's Deep Cleaning Express
Good Company!

I would use this company's apartment move-out cleaning services again! I feel very grateful for how much weight was released from my shoulders during my moving day, thanks to the excellent cleaning service the company provided. When I finished putting my stuff in my car, every room was completely impeccable!

Services List

  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Move-Out Cleaning
  • Bank Cleaning
  • Clinic Cleaning
  • Hospital Cleaning
  • Airbnb Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Ware Cleanup

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